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Agent Photo vs. Professional photograph

(Drag the slider left and right to compare actual agent and professional photographs.)

According to Redfin, listings with professional photos sold for an average of $3,400 greater, and three weeks faster than similar listings with “point and shoot” or smartphone photos.  On the photograph above, drag the slider left and right to compare actual agent and professional photograph.  Which home would you rather show?


I am a Realtor, and Robert at PhotoVideoSound did a photo shoot for one of my real estate listings. The photos were excellent and resulted in 8 showings on the first two days of the listing. The rooms in this home were very large and I was concerned about the lighting but the photos came out great. The homeowner commented that they looked like they were from an upscale architectural magazine!  My clients had their house in the market a year and a half ago for six months.  They had less showings in six months than this time in the first ten days on the market.  [After the professional photographs from PhotoVideoSound were posted] we had three parties vying for the house. [One former potential buyer] said he didn’t even try to get inside for a look at it in 2014 as the previous photos were so disappointing. – B.R.

Rob is an excellent photographer. The pictures he takes of my homes enhance the listing immensely. His colors are true, room sizes are obvious. He moves things around as needed so the pictures show the best side of each room. His price is a little higher than some, but he is worth every penny! I wouldn’t use anyone else. I firmly believe that his photos help to sell my listings! – N.A.

Rob is definitely one of the top-rated real estate photographers around. The photos captured and color bring out only the best. I’ve actually had one home purchased sight unseen – they went only off of the photos posted on HAR! He has photographed many of my listings and I’ve always been happy with the results.

I was very impressed with the time Rob invested in getting the best pictures possible of this home. He was recommended to me by a highly successful real estate agent who uses him exclusively, even though his price is not the lowest. He promptly completed the pictures and delivered them. The pictures look fabulous and will really help to sell this home. An agent who heard that we were putting the house on the market mentioned a possible buyer who was out of town. We emailed the pics and the buyer asked us to delay marketing the house for 2 days until they could get back in town. We will definitely use PhotoVideoSound again. – D.C.

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Professional Photos Net More For Your Home

More Samples

Drag the slider left and right to compare actual agent and professional photographs.

Living Room – Agent vs. Professional Photography

Kitchen – Agent vs. Professional Photography

Master Bedroom – Agent vs. Professional Photography

Drag the slider left and right to compare actual agent and professional photographs.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Drag the slider left and right to visualize common errors.

  1. The colors are out of control – notice how unnatural the lighting appears with amber colored indoor lights, blueish outdoor light, and greenish fluorescent/LED under cabinet lighting.
  2. Insufficient light – the gain was turned up so high that it makes the photo grainy and noisy.  The photographer needs a professional camera and lighting.
  3. Brightness and contrast – the laundry room is totally dark, but the dining room is blown out.  Detail is lost on the back of the sectional.
  4. Perspective control – the camera was not level.  The unlevel camera causes the room to look like a funhouse.  The walls are splayed out and the whole photo is crooked.  Additionally, the bargain lens suffers from distortion.



The poor photography for this $600,000 house greatly devalues its appearance.  Don’t let this happen to your listing.  These problems, in varying degrees, are all too common — even among professional photographers.  Call us today to schedule a professionally produced real estate portfolio.

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