A real business is insured

Not to long ago, a certain photographer who will remain unnamed (not me) totally messed up a wedding.  Fortunately for all involved, that photographer is a member of the Professional Photographers of America.  The PPA carries insurance for all its members.  The insurance paid for the wedding to be completely reenacted and reshot–including flying guests from out of state, paying for the venue, the caterer, the limo, tux, you name it.  As a professional photographer and videographer, I value each and every image I capture.  Not only am I a member of the PPA and therefore have this same insurance, but I have extended business insurance…$2,000,000 worth!  Why?  Because I value every customer I serve.  Not only do I have $2,000,000 general business liability coverage, but I am also a member of  HPVA, WEVA, TPPA, SWPPA, and serve on the board of directors for the PPGH.  Why?  Because I value every project I am involved with.  Not only am I a member of these associations, but I attend several training sessions every year and am working on my Certified Professional Photographer acheivement (I recently aced the 100 question written exam).  Why?  Because I want to continuously improve my skills for my next project.  When searching for a photographer or videographer, ask yourself what level of commitment does this person have to their craft.  Ask yourself whether this a real business, or just someone with a camera trying to make a few bucks on the weekends?  At PhotoVideoSound, I do whatever it takes to ensure and insure your images are the best possible.  Thank you for your continued business!